Capability APIs

Motor js also supports using the Capability APIs in your React mashups. These APIs will be loaded into your mashup if you set the capabilityAPI prop in the Motor component to true.

The Capability APIs are used in both the QlikObject and QlikSelections components, which you'll see listed in the documentation. These will enable you to load objects from your Qlik mashup or the current selections bar.

You can also access these APIs via the Capability Context which will give you access to the app class. You can use this to add other functionality such as making selections or creating a bookmark.


By loading the Capability APIs into your mashup, you are also loading CSS files from the Qlik server. Note that these may clash with your mashups CSS.

As an overview, the Capability APIs are a collection of java script APIs that enable you easily embed Qlik objects into your web page and also provides various methods for interacting with the engine.

See the Qlik docs for more information.