The React Framework for Qlik Sense Mashups
Charts, Components & Utilities for the rapid creation of custom dashboards off the Qlik Engine
Install the source files via NPM.
npm install @motor-js/core
Or download our starter dashboard.
Connect to your Qlik site through our Motor component and then use the components without any additional setup.
import { Filter, Motor } from '@motor-js/core'
config={ /* Connect to your Qlik site */ }
theme={ /* Theme your Mashup */ }
<Filter dimension=['AwesomeDimension'] />
Reasons you'll love motor
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Free and Open Source

Motor js is free, provided on the Apache 2.0 license. Just install from npm, connect to a Qlik engine and start building.

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Powerful Theming

Tailor the library to your needs. Control color, styles and layouts through our easy to use theme object.

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Responsive Charts

Charts, Components and Layouts are responsive, supporting all screen sizes.

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Awesome Hooks

Re-usable hooks to speed up the development of your custom dashboards.

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Enterprise Support Available

We offer a supported version of the library for Enterprise projects.

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Typescript Support

Out of the box support for Typescript.

We are adding features and would love your feedback!
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Custom Charts Powered by the Engine
Motor js' charts are fully customisable through our theme object. We also support the Capability APIs for quick and easy embedding in your React project
import { Motor, Bar, Filter } from '@motor-js/core'
config={ /* Connect to your Qlik site */ }
global: {
color: { brand: 'blue' },
chart: {
gridStyles: {
rows: {
stroke: '#EDEDED',
strokeDasharray: 0,
numTicks: 6
columns: { stroke: 'none' },
yTickStyles: { stroke: 'none' }
<Filter dimension={['Month']} />
qField: '[Month]',
qLabel: 'Month'
qField: '[Product Group Desc]',
qLabel: 'Product Group'
qField: '=sum([Sales Amount])',
qLabel: 'Sales'
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